Doorbell (All) option for motion notifications by schedule

The ability to schedule Motion on/off times is handy, but notification scheduling is very handy (and missing). Being able to have a Chime (Pro, etc) notify the location with a tone when someone/something has tripped the motion is handy to inform the occupants that something is happening in their motion zone(s). But, the lack of being able to tell the Doorbell to only send notifications to the Chime(s) during certain hours, makes doorbell bandits at 2am possible, impossible to keep motion on overnight (because the Chime would fire off at 2am or worse, a lot).

Schedules for Motions (one for Person detection and one for Other) and for Doorbell Chiming would be a benefit so that sounds during the night are not possible, but still provide the security of recording motions instead of disabling them because of no scheduling available.

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Issues with Chime (not Pro)