Doorbell 4

I have a good WIFI connection, however, all images are fuzzy at the start and become clear just before the video ends. Don’t know why.

Doorbell 4 - Not all events (the important ones - people coming in and leaving the house) are recorded. Don’t know why. Sometimes it will record and then not at other times.
Tried to follow the advice given on,person%2C%20other%20motion%20or%20package.
but that is useless. Ring Doorbell 4 Pro doesn’t seem to have the same functions ie. “People Only Mode” This is annoying. There are a few features on the Ring Video that mine doesn’t seem to have. can anyone advise?


Hi @user57131. Can you provide an example of this fuzzy video? This would give me a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end and what the issue might be. The Smart Alerts feature is available for neighbors who have subscribed to the Ring Protect plan. You can learn more about it here, including steps on how to enable this feature.

For motion detection concerns, I always suggest adjusting your Motion Zones and Motion Sensitivity to ensure these are configured to your preferences. Since you have a battery powered Doorbell, you also have access to the Motion Frequency setting to further refine your motion detection.