Doorbell 3 Shipping

Hi I am Peter, Ring customer for the past three years with RING cameras all good, until I bought a doorbell.
Ring personnel are very polite, but that is where it ends. I purchase a Doorbell 3 on 20th December.
it would not connect to wifi, after two calls and about two hours . It was decided it was faulty , they would send a replacement. last Monday I rang customer service to find out where my replacement was, it had not been sent as the address information spelt out several times by me was not entered properly. So after another hour and a half, the previous request was cancelled, this time I did not even receive any shipping advice from UPS. So I rang today and yet again it had not been shipped, why apparently as my house does not have a number and only a name!!!. COME ON RING GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. THIS IS Appalling CUSTOMER SERVICE. IT seems to me that no one talks to each other in RING. Told today to wait and see if they have sorted the problem in shipping. How long will that take another MONTH?

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Hi @user32300. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble receiving your replacement Doorbell, I understand that shipping and order delays are not ideal. The Ring Community is a public forum, so I’m not able to check on any account-related details, such as your replacement request. You would need to follow up with our support team for any updates on your replacement. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.