Doorbell 3 Plus - Hardwired charging issue (UK)

Hi, Another user here having issues with battery draining despite being hardwired to an adaptor to trickle charge the battery.

My Setup :
Video Doorbell 3 Plus (2 years old)
Firmware version 10.0.39
2 x Batteries (swapped over every year)
Hardwired to the correct version of plug adaptor
Ring Chime (2nd Gen)
Both devices on their own WLAN SSID
Both devices showing RSSI between -50 & -57 RSSI
Location is in SE England so not very harsh weather.

Issue :
The Ring app alerts me that the battery is running low.

  • The device health via the app shows it’s hardwired and the battery icon in the red but charging.
  • The device health via the Ring site ‘MyAccount’ dashboard says the Doorbell is on battery.
  • The battery level slowly drops as if the adaptor is not trickle charging, despite saying it is on the app health and battery icon.

Resolution attempts :

  • Removed Doorbell from the app.
  • Factory reset Doorbell.
  • Changed batteries.
  • Swapped over the adaptor wires at the back of the Doorbell.

Some screenshot links :

Site dashboard health

App Device Health

App battery status

I did turn off the advanced motion detection last week and went back to the standard default zone detection, with 2 minute recordings of each motion captured. I thought that this had drained the battery too quick for it to trickle charge back, however going back to the advanced motion/zone settings this has not resolved the issue.

I’m think that’s pretty much all I can do without phoning support.

Any ideas anyone?


Hi @Jonah15. Hardwiring the Doorbell 3 Plus will provide it with a trickle charge, which is not as fast as when you plug the battery in to charge via a standard power outlet. It is possible for the battery to drain more quickly than it can be trickle charged. How many motions, dings, and Live Views is your Doorbell recording each day?

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring thanks for the response.

I’m aware of the trickle charge but I’ve not had any issues in the past and now suddenly the battery is draining instead of staying around the 95% range and over.

As mentioned in my first post I did change the motion sensitivity and length of recordings but I was not expecting the battery to drain so quickly. I’ve since changed back to the settings I had before.

A full battery (charged out of the Doorbell) was connected on Sunday night. Since then there have been no rings, one live view and 40 motion detections in 2 full days. The battery is currently at 94% with no signs of going up so If usage stays the same the battery will be dead in 25ish days

I’m testing disarming overnight tonight, if it drops further then there can only be an issue with either the power supply not trickle charging enough or an issue on the doorbell unit. I also noticed that there is a very faint hum coming from the unit that I had not noticed before.


@Jonah15 Having a lot of motion events with a long recording time could cause the battery to drain more quickly. It’s worth reviewing the history to see if the number of motions being recorded everyday has increased from before. Otherwise, I’d recommend following up with our support team if the battery continues to drain past 90% with no significant change in the amount of activity. A member of our support team will be able to look into this further and review things on the back end with you.