Doorbell 3 Linked Device Not Recording

I have a Doorbell 3, Spotlight Cam & and Indoor cam.

The indoor cam is located in a high traffic area of our house, I don’t want it operational 24/7 because it would be recording all the time because of the dog & somebody is always home. I mainly want it to be active when nobody is home, we are in bed, or if someone is at the front door.

Up until last night around 7:30, I had the following setup working -

Home Mode:
Doorbell & Spotlight motion detect, record, alert 24/7.
Spotlight cam records turns on light after 11:30pm.
Indoor cam motion triggered between 12am & 7am AND when motion detected on the doorbell cam.

Away Mode:
Everything motion detects, records, alerts.

Around 7:30 last night everything stopped working. No notifications. I could connect to the dashboard on my phone app, but I couldn’t get live view from any of the cameras. I could see all the previous history, but nothing new. We tried rebooting wifi, but that didn’t change a thing. Nothing in the house changed. No new devices, wifi was working without issue, no power outages.

I have one spotlight trigger that happened around10:15 last night, and then nothing again until 7:55 this morning. This is odd for a couple reasons. I always pick up my neighbors truck when he leaves for work at 6:45am. Always. That’s not on here and I checked, he did leave at the usual time.

I have 1 hr snapshot captures setup on that camera, those work and I can see cars in the street that should have triggered the camera, but they didn’t.

This morning, when I left to walk, the doorbell cam should have triggered the indoor cam to record 30 seconds of video. Nothing there.

As of right now the doorbell & spotlight are picking up the usual stuff and seem to be working fine. But the doorbell is not triggering the indoor camera. I’ve tried messing around with different settings but now I feel like I’ve undid whatever I had working in the first place when I was trying to figure out what was going on last night and I’m not sure how to get it all back to what I have above.

Any ideas how to make that happen?

(BTW - This is the 3rd time in a year everything has shut down on me for no apparent reason. I’ve never been able to sort out why it happens, it just does. If you have thoughts on how to prevent that, please do share.)

I don’t know if it’s related but there was a Ring service issue last night. I noticed it when I couldn’t turn on my alarm via my app nor list my alarm devices. I then checked here and saw the notice. Status

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