Doorbell 2 with FireTV Cube

I am using Doorbell 2 and a FireTV Cube. I always received a blue screen with the text someone is at the door on my tv screen when someone rings the bell and i can hear the ring through the tv. Since yesterday i only can hear the ring on the TV but the screen isn’t showing anymore… is there anybody with a similar problem or does anybody know how i can reenable this feature?! I can’t find it anywhere… did a factory reset of my ring and the firetv cube already but still no screen… the command “alexa show my door” works as normal and i can see the video…

Hey @Fearomoon. If you have done a reset of your Ring Doorbell and also the FireTV Cube, I’m not too sure why the automatic live viewing feature is no longer working for you. Since it was this way before, you shouldn’t have to make any changes with your device to get it set up like this again. Have you tried reaching out to the support for the FireTV Cube to see if they are aware of this feature not working with the Ring Doorbell, or has this concern gone away since (maybe temporary problem)?

Unfortunately the problem persists… it is very strange that it works perfectly when the switch for movement announcement is activated … it works there and I get the visual notification that movement was detected by the door. I don’t understand why it works with movement and not with doorbell press.

Movement -> audio+visual
Doorbell press -> only audio

This is the Picture I’m talking about…

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