Doorbell 2 - speaker volume is way too loud, disturbing my neighbours


My RING Doorbell 2’s speaker volume is way too loud, disturbing my neighbours; it’s so loud that it actually distorts a bit. In the past there used to be a volume slider to adjust speaker’s volume, but now I can only see Ringer volume there, without any option of getting the speaker’s volume adjusted in any way.

Implementing a Speakers volume slider in RING app will help a lot in setting the outside volume properly.

RING customer support was top-notch, but still unable to resolve my issue, after over an hour of speaking on phone and resetting the doorbell twice.

I’ve seen hundreds of RING customers having the same issue on Internet forums (Amazon reviews, Reddit, also here on comm.ring forum etc.).

Thank you!

Speaker is not loud enough for us.

Same issue here. The speaker is so incredibly loud that I can’t use the two-way talk or auto message features. So many users are saying it’s either too loud or too quiet that a volume control seems like a really obvious patch to develop to help out a lot of customers!


When I speak through my phone to an outside person, the doorbell is way too loud on the doorbell. The whole street can hear and I want to turn it down. I have tried changing the “ringer” setting within the general settings tab but this only changes the sound sound of the doorbell. As soon as I answer with my voice it goes back to being extremely loud. Hope you can help with this. Thanks in advance.

You can hear ours in the next street on the Ring Doorbell 4. They all need volume controls. We just can’t use it without disturbing everyone.

We just installed the ring 2 and have the same issue of being too loud! Hopefully we don’t need to use the 2 way communication much since I have a feeling our neighbors will not be pleased.