Doorbell 2 not connecting to Wi-Fi

Hello my ring doorbell 2 is not connecting to my new wifi. All the other wifi enabled machines are working and signal strength is good. I’ve tried 50 times the correct way and the factory reset

Hi @user75661. Is there a specific part of the connection process that you are unable to get through? What type of phone are you using and what version of the Ring app is installed? How far from your WiFi router are you? This information will aid in troubleshooting.

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No help to you but neither will mine. It looses the connection every time it needs recharging, is always a complete nightmare to re-connect, this time no joy at all. My network doesn’t come up in the list of available networks (all of my neighbour’s do upto several houses away) despite the fact that my phone which is running the app is on this network! I name it as a “hidden network” (although it isn’t hidden to any other wifi device in the house) but it still won’t connect. I have it literally sitting on the router. Every other device sees around 31Mbps.

Hi @petergamston. Having the Doorbell near the router, if possible, is a good step to take, though it should not be placed directly on the router. Having the Doorbell within the same room should be sufficient to establish a connection. For dual-band routers, we also suggest separating the bands so they have a different network name.

We have various troubleshooting steps here for when the connection fails. There are a few different settings you can try adjusting, depending if you’re on an iOS or Android phone. You can also attempt the setup process on a different device, if you have access to one. If this is a persistent issue, I’d suggest getting in touch with our support team to take a deeper look at your network settings.