Doorbell 2 and Chime 1st Gen randomly not working on new xfinity xFi Gateway 3rd generation

My existing Ring Doorbell 2 and Chime 1st Gen are now randomly not working on my new xfinity xFi Gateway 3rd generation. They see the network and connect, but drop off frequently, mainly the Chime. I have xFi pods, so the gateway while capable of dual band cannot due to the mesh network the xFi pods create and locking the gateway to only a single band 5G device. Is there some upgrade I need on Ring products now to solve this? Will anything work?


I have the same issue. It started when I got my xfi weeks ago.

I had netgear and it was fine but I had to get rid of it because the speed was not consistent. I hope someone helps us.

I called Ring customer service they suggested that I call Xfinity.

Hi there, neighbors! Thank you for confirming your internet provider and router. When contacting your internet service provider, please ask them to assist you with reserving an IP address for your Ring device and enabling a DMZ for that Ring device/ IP address. Both of these steps will be completed via your router settings, and is a great test to ensure the network is allowing setup and / or reconnection of your Chime devices. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

The Xfinity Xfi Gateways do not play nice with other devices on wifi. In the interest of security (so they say) it drops devices it deems inactive or inappropriate. The only solution is not to use xfinity wifi for anything critical. I set up an access point (in bridge mode) ethernet wired to the gateway and using a different wifi ssid. No xfinity wifi used. That was the only reliable solution I could find. Note that this issue is not limited to Ring, I had that same issue with other devices by others.

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