Door Sensors

I have a Ring Doorbell and use Echo Show 10. I wanted to add some door/window contact sensors to my house for routines etc. I already have an Alarm system. Do I need to purchase a base station in order to use the contact sensors for routines and notifications? (THIS IS NOT BEING USED FOR ALARM MONITORING)

Yes, you would. The contact sensors are Z-Wave and the Echo devices don’t support Z-Wave (only WiFi and ZigBee). Plus, the Ring Z-wave devices use a QR code that you scan with your phone for pairing, which makes it difficult (if not impossible?) to pair with a normal Z-Wave controller.

Thank you for the response. My understanding is that you can’t just purchase the base station by itself you have to order the motion and key pad etc.
THanks for the info

Yeah, I think everything is a kit. I see there’s a refurbished section in the store, I wonder if they sometimes have base stations there?

Hi neighbors. The Base Station for the Ring Alarm system is not available to be purchased separately. Contact Sensors are sold separately, but they cannot be used without the Base Station. I hope this information is helpful!