Door sensor status check in Alexa routine

Hi! I have been using Ring system (video doorbell, 3 cameras, and lots of door sensors) w/ Alexa device for about a year and quite satisfied so far. Recently I decided to add another door sensors on my garage doors because sometimes I forgot to close them at night. What I thought was if the door sensor status is open at a certain point of time (e.g., at 10 PM when I usually go to bed), Alexa can say the door is open.

I attached sensors to the garage doors and tried to create a routine in Alexa app, but failed to achieve what I was looking for. The only thing I could do was when the door actually opens (or closes) in a certain time period, Alexa can say a message or do other action.

But I believe it would be wonderful if Alexa can check the status of the Ring door sensor and notify it to me through routine.

Thank you,


I’m looking to do the same too (for a patio door). I’ve looked at IFTTT too but it only has doorbell and motion triggers.

Yes! That was the reason I purchased my garage door sensor…to have Alexa check the sensor every evening and notify me if it is open.

I was trying to create a routine to tell me if the garage door is left open. Best I can tell, one can only set up routine to tell is status is CHANGED from closed to open. Is that what folks are after? Any solution yet?