Don't take away email verification!

Everytime I open my app it is trying to force me to set up a different method for verification.

Email verification is the only option I have available to me where I work. We do not have access to cell phones in our office. We are unable to receive a text message nor do we have access to an authenticator. We are not allowed to bring mobile devices into our buildings and have limited access to internet websites. Additionally our browsers do not retain cookies and our sessions are reset to a default state when our systems are rebooted. I monitor our ring cameras and alarm from work during the day, removing email verification will take away my ability to gain access to our system.

I have invested a lot of money into the ring system because I could access it from our offices and monitor our home and check in on our pets through the 8 cameras we have.

Modifying a method for accessing the system I invested so heavily in based on my ability to gain access to it, is not consumer friendly nor is it a responsible modification for those that depend on Ring and the ability to access there sustems. As mentioned before we have 8 cameras, 5 fire, smoke and CO2 alarms, and 7 door sensors and a rear door lock that I would have to replace and move to a new system.

Having to change all of this out and forcing me to purchase a new system would forever force me to speak poorly of Ring to all I come in contact with. I don’t believe that is the type of consumer advertising Ring is seeking from their customers.

Making such a drastic change to your systems this late in the game is not what I would have expected from Ring.