Don't but Ring hardware

So I have 10+ Ring cameras, a ring alarm, and a protect plus subscription. More fool me!

I found out today, after speaking to a Ring Support advisor about a faulty camera, I was no longer eligible for hardware replacements. He seemed very happy about that, me not so much.

The reason? I returned a faulty Spotlight Camera and also Ring Alarm system that I got cheaper on Amazon - the irony does not escape me.

My account is now marked, restricting the returns I can make under warranty, Protect Plan or not.

So I’m left with a black Spotlight Camera that has faded to a horrible-looking sliver color and another that constantly tells me that the battery door is open. It is not. Yes, I have made sure there are no obstructions and done both a soft and hard reset (a number of times).

So, in short, for anybody on here thinking of buying another Ring product or subscription, don’t. Or if you don’t expect to get broken kit repaired under warranty.

They will happly shaft you just for daring to get hardware replaced, or returning an unopened product within 30 days of purchase.