Dome Water Shut-Off Valve

Are there any plans to integrate the Dome Water Shut-Off Valve? It works with many Z-Wave Hubs but not Ring.


Not at this time, but we will share your feedback with the team!


That would be a good idea, when ever you arm the system in away mode auto shutoff the water. Most damage to empty houses is from burst water lines. I always manually shut off my water when gone for more than the day, but it would be nice to have that happen automatically when I arm the alarm as away. Very good idea!

EDIT >> never mind. After looking, I see the Dome valve is an indoor unit, my water shutoff is outside.

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Ring MUST integrate the Dome shut off valve in to their system. This valve is $74 at Amazon. Using Ring water detectors, or those from Dome, and existing Z-wave technology for both, it makes incredible sense to add this feature. What an amazing system rather than adding a separate z-wave hub and application for the same result.

Keep it ALL RING! you steady integrate Dome Sirens… please save me from another piece of hardware and another app to configure!!!


Ring, please integrate this soon! We had a big water leak in our finished basement 2 weeks ago. We are definitely going to put in some system, and I’d rather it be on the Ring platform rather that putting in a parallel platform. What’s the plan?




Any update?


Please, pretty please incorporate the dome water shut off valve with the ring alarm system! This has to be a relatively simple matter. And it would be a great benefit to ring users and a fantastic selling point for the ring system.


Thank you for this feedback, neighbors! We’ve added anew Feature Request board in the Community for all neighbors to use. Feel free to add this and any other feature requests there, as we will regularly share them with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Still waiting for this one.

There’s not much benefit to selling the leak sensors if you can’t remotely turn off your water. Please Ring, move forward with a water main control like the Dome water main control.

I had ADT security with their water sensors and no shut-off capability.

I now have Ring water sensors and a wireless shutoff I control with Alexa. I could use IFTTT to connect these 2 systems but I’m content with pressing a button in Alexa to turn that valve when/if Ring calls me.

I see this integration down the road with Ring, but meanwhile do this now. It’s one of the biggest values Ring provides.