Dome Siren in the UK?


Does anybody know if the Dome Siren will work with the UK version of Ring? I note they are not for sale in the UK so I doubt they work, but was wondering if anyone knows for sure.

Any suggestions for a Z-Wave device in the UK that will work as a siren?

Many thanks!

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Hey @MrAnderson. Thank you for showing your interest in the Dome Siren! This is only compatible with the NA versions of the Ring Alarm at this time, and we do not have a siren that is certified to work with the UK Alarm. We are still working to improve integration with this new Alarm Base Station we made for the UK, and we will make sure to post in our News and Announcements section when we have more items that are compatible with the UK Alarm. :slight_smile:

This really is disappointing. I own pretty much every product that Ring makes and am an advocate of them all. HOWEVER, even for a small home, the alarm simply is not loud enough to act as a deterent. As this time I would not recomend it to a friend until somebody has taken this matter seriously and offer the UK market a suitable siren extension.

Example, I have a motion sensor in my garage and I want to place a siren out there to ensure it makes enough noise to scare somebody away if activated. Currently you can’t even hear it out there.



I too have Ring products, the doorbell and a camera. I am currently looking to upgrade my home alarm system and can’t choose between Ring alarm and Simplisafe. Having read the reviews I don’t think the siren on the Ring base would be loud enough for my home.

This is pushing me towards getting the Simplisafe system which is a shame because I would much rather have everything on one system.

Please can you tell me if the Dome siren is something you are looking to release in the UK, and if so, when?


Is there any update on this dome siren compatibility with UK ring systems?. I like the Ring Security Alarm system as it was easy to set up but the siren is not loud enough to scare an intruder. I live in the country, so would prefer something louder which is why i am looking at the dome siren as an addon. I am now tempted to send my purchase back to Amazon for this reason.

@MrAnderson did you find any ZWave suggestions compatible with the Ring Alarm system in the UK?

Hi, I’ve just bought several cameras and an alarm. It’s far too quiet to cover all of the house. Can you please prove an update on when an additional siren will be available?

Hey neighbors! While we don’t have any update to share on this, I’d suggest keeping an eye out on our UK News and Announcements board. This is where we’ll post news on any new product or feature releases, which would include the release of new Ring Alarm accessories in the UK. :slight_smile:

Hi - Same here, I have loads of ring products including the alarm. We need an external siren for it - it’s just not loud enough from the base station. It should also be linked to the sirens on flood/spot light cams. I’m having to pay for a new bell box of an existing system because the ring alarm doesn’t have this feature. We need noise outside here in the UK.

Hi neighbors. As we value your feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

Hi Tom,

There is a request for this here:

The problem with the feature request board is that we have no idea on the status of the request. The first request was in March 2020 and there are currently 265 votes for this, but we don’t know if this has even been looked at by Ring management/product team.

Are you able to provide an update?

Hi @F1N1. Thanks for the feedback. The Feature Request Board is something that is reviewed and passed along to the appropriate teams regularly. Some of the most recent features like Rich App Notifications and Customizable Motion Zones have stemmed from our Feature Request Board. Our team is actively working on a process to keep the Community up to date with progress of Feature Requests. Rest assured, your voices are heard and they are responsible for changes within Ring!

The feature request seems pointless as Ring develop less important features- and less voted features - ahead of things like a louder siren- rather fundamental!!
There is a workaround though which is to use a WiFi switch, a mains siren and Amazon Alexa routine

Completely agree with all of the feedback provided here. I took delivery of the ring alarm system yesterday and I fear it is getting sent back. It is not fit for purpose without and external bell alarm. The inbuilt alarm is nowhere near loud enough to act as a deterrent. To put this into context, I live in a small bungalow which is about 6 meters back from the street. With the siren triggered you can barely hear the alarm. You would have thought it was a alarm from streets away it is so quiet. I’ve got 30 days to implement a workaround.

As with many of the previous posts, another frustration is the lack of visibility of the product roadmap. We are investing in this platform with no visibility on intentions or progress of essential features that are missing.

It’s been several months since a reply was made suggesting work is being done to create a UK compatible extra siren for the Ring security system. Do we have an update or another solution yet? Thanks

Hi @IT47. Although there isn’t an external siren available, we have made use of your Ring Devices external siren that can be triggered when your Ring Alarm goes off. This is through our Linked Devices feature. I’ve found this to be very effective!

Hi in the last 8months I have spent a lot of money on Ring Products as I had an aggravated burglary. I cannot believe how quiet the alarm is on the Ring system. It is basically useless. Ring please make your alarm noise much louder asap.

Hi I’ve bought the extra large alarm bundle and installed over Xmas. We accidentally tripped the alarm one night by forgetting to turn it off and my wife upstairs could’nt even hear the alarm go off. The base station alarm located in our ground floor office sounded like a toy. I’ve just tried purchasing the dome siren but have discovered to my dismay that it’s not available in the UK? This alarm system needs a proper siren also an external siren is a good visible deterrent for potential burglars. I assumed that the ring floodlight cams would be able to alarm when the home alarm is triggered also but have discovered that this is not the case. I feel really disappointed by this and would not have purchased the alarm if I knew this in advance. Surely you need to sort this out Ring? For an alarm system which cannot be heard when it goes off is completely unacceptable.

Hi @mike00ford. One option you have would be to place an additional Keypad upstairs and use that to echo the siren of your Base Station. Also, try using Linked Devices to link your Cameras that have a Siren to also sound when your Base Station siren is sounding. I hope this information helps!

This works in the UK

Install Fireangel smoke alarms, heat alarms and co2 alarms throughout the property, also with every one of these devices, install the fireangel SmartRF W2-Module into it, get a WI-Safe2 gateway and link them all together in one big network.

Enable the alexa fireangel skill

Create a routine in Alexa when Ring alarm goes off, get her to test the fire alarms, and repeat every 10 secs

Every single alarm will start to shreik, all linked together - very very loud

Fireangel also do a linked external siren and relay which are both part of the SmartRF network too

Apparently, you can get a ZWave module for the alarms in the Netherlands, but not the uk

+1 here.

Glad to see some progress being made re sirens with the linked devices. However, this is clearly an interim solution and we need some progress on this, please:

  1. Additional internal alarms to extend coverage in larger homes.
  2. External bell box is essential
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