Does Stickup 3rd Gen have advanced pre-roll?

@Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring @Chelsea_Ring

I’ve addressed this to the Ring Moderators that I’ve seen on the Community. Apologies if I have not addressed the appropriate moderators, as I am not sure who moderates which areas.

I’ve read the Ring websites many times, which is still unclear to me, and have called Ring a couple times but have not received consistent answers.

Does Ring Stickup, 3rd generation, that is powered throught a power plug (not battery or POE) do Ring advanced pre-roll (i.e., records a clear video of 6 seconds prior to the camera’s detection of an event)?

If I attach a solar panel to a battery Ring Stick-up (3rd generation, will it then be able to do Ring advanced pre-roll?

Thank you !

Hi @meme. The Stick-Up Cam does not have Advanced Pre Roll. You can learn more about the compatible devices here.


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