Does ring wirk with ubiquiti???

I tried to search it up but I couldn’t figuse out if ubiquit cameras work with the ring app or vice verca??? Thanks community. :smiley:

vid if you don’t know about ubiquiti

Hey @HiUser34. It looks like it should indeed work with Ubiquiti! I’m not too familiar with the system myself, but after exploring their Community here and here, it seems to be a good fit if you want to explore this as an option with your Ring system. :slight_smile:

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So I’m able to link Ubiquiti to ring or vice versa???

Hi @HiUser34 ! As @Chelsea_Ring mentioned, we don’t have much personal experience with Ubiquiti, but if you look at the links Chelsea sent over, you can take a look at some customer feedback. Looks like one user mentioned, "I have a Ring Classic, Ring Pro, Ring Cam Battery, 2x Ring Chimes, and a Ring Alarm. There is no compatibility problem with Unifi APs. ". I would take a look at their Community Forum and what other customers had said about their experience :slight_smile:

Nope, I fight with this daily between the stick up cams and spotlight cams. Support aren’t much help either as they can’t get the logs from the camera to pinpoint the issue

You all are talking about different things.

  • Ring app doesn’t work with Ubiquiti/Unifi Security ecosystem and their cameras etc are not visible/able to connect or interact with Ring software/apps/system

  • Ring devices are working fine with Ubiquiti/Unifi INFRASTRUCTURE devices like AP’s, mesh, WiFi etc.

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