Does Ring Mfg. a Coach Lantern Style Front Porch Light w/ Camera?

Does Ring make a front porch light (Coach Style) with a camera installed in it (see attached photo)? I have seen products from other manufactures (Maximus is one), but nothing like this from Ring!

I already have the RING Spotlight Camera and Stickup Camera. It would be nice if RING would consider offering a similiar product (Coach Style Front Porch Light) with a camera. I don’t want to have a mix/match of different security cameras, if I can help it.

Thank You!

Maximus Coach Smart Security.jpg


You probably already know the asnwer, Ring does not make a camera like that. You can see all the products on the Ring website.

What I have seen people do is put an indoor camera inside a latern light fixture using the power from the light socket. Sort of an interesting customized solution. Just make sure you have the IR turned off.


Very Nice!

I have 4 floodlights and one doorbell installed around my house, however, I would love decorative front porch lights that have Ring camer/video capabilities. Is it planned as a future product?

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