Does Ring Car Cam work with Any 2023 Model year Vehicles?

Does the Ring Car Cam work with any 2023 model car? According to Ring’s Car Cam Compatibility website the highest year that works with Ring Car Cam is 2022.

Can you confirm if this is true?
If not, can you explain why Ring would develop a new product released in 2023 that doesn’t work with any new cars? We are almost 3 months into 2023, and most 2023 cars started being sold in the previous year. Is this an oversight for Ring on their website, or are they really only making this product for older cars?

I ask for others sake, but I am pretty sure the answer is they do not, since I have a 2023 and the Ring Car Cam doesn’t work with my car.

But I wanted to get this on record so others don’t make the mistake of buying this device that is only for older cars.

Hi @zerofear. The compatibility checker is there to determine if the OBD-II port is in a safe location on your vehicle. While it doesn’t yet have information on vehicles from 2023, you can use this article to reference if your vehicle’s OBD-II port is in a safe location for use with the Car Cam.

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