Does anyone secure garage door, using tilt sensor or some other way?

Does anyone use a tilt sensor, or some other way, to secure their garage? And if you do, what all can you do with it? What will it tell you in the app? Will it alert you if the door opens? or at least save times that it was opened so you can see if someone opened it or not?

Why wouldn’t you just use a contact sensor attached to the inside of the door next to the frame?

Thats a good idea. But on my garage door, there is no place to mount the sensor and magnet within one inch of each other. I just went and looked to be sure.

Kind of a kluge suggestion but what if you mount a piece of wood to either the frame of the door or the door itself to mount one of the contacts onto in order to bring it closer to the other?

MyQ is a compatiable, affordable product that hooks a Wi-Fi device to your existing garage door opener allowing you to control your garage door via the internet. It includes a sensor that mounts on the garage door which monitors if it is open or closed. Furthermore it shows up on the Ring Dashboard. At around $35 it is one of the most affordable Wi-Fi connected products with real useful applications (i.e. - automatically open or close based on geomap, etc.). Hope that helps.

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