Does anyone recall receiving an email over the summer regarding resetting your password?

Hi there,

Does anyone recall receiving an email regarding resetting your password at some point over the summer? I think I am going mad, but am sure I received an email around July time informing me of a password security breach/issue and needing to change my password. Please can you confirm if you received the same or if one was sent out?



There have been some breeches but I don’t remember getting an email, though I’m fairly new to the Ring service so I might not have been affected.
I do believe there was notice to use 2 factor authentication this past summer, but I could be wrong about that (being old affects the memory :slight_smile: ).

Thanks. Am a UK based user. Am sure I received something in the summer that prompted me to change my password. Just cannot find any copy of the email!?

Hi @mallso. I would suggest searching your inbox/junk/spam for Ring emails to see if you it might have moved to a different folder. Additionally, we have some information about password security here that may be useful to you.