Do I need transformer and can I protect 2 properties?

Hello, I have two questions.

  1. Can I use my one Ring subscription account to have Ring security at two properties with different addresses & wifi? (I.e. my home and my dad’s home)

  2. This is my first time using Ring. For the product “Ring Video Doorbell Pro with the Plug-In Adaptor” , do I need a transformer? The product video makes it look like I can just feed the plugin adapter cable through a brick wall hole and attach it to the doorbell pro on the other side of the wall. (I have no other doorbell or wiring)
    Thank you

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The plug in adaptor is just what it says, so you don’t need a separate transformer. I mounted mine on the doorframe, so just drilled a small hole big enough for the ring connectors to go through.

I am wondering the same about 1 x account covering 2 x properties, so hopefully someone else can answer.

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I’m paying two subscriptions to cover two alarm base units at the same property but didn’t expect the sensors to reach from a detached building to main base unit. I doubt you can have two alarms on one subscription, will have 2 SIM cards, 2 different monitoring locations etc but if you can I’m all for it !

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Thank you, that’s hugely promising! What I don’t get then is, why bother with the cost of hardwiring & transformer if it’s so easy to plug in!

Hi @Keeks. Yes, you can have multiple Locations under one Ring account. This means you can set up Ring devices at different addresses. Keep in mind that the Ring Protect Plus plan only covers devices at one Location, so you would need a second plan for a second Location if you wanted the devices there covered.

As @skunk98 answered, you can use the Plug-In Adapter instead of wiring your Doorbell Pro to a doorbell circuit with a transformer. You do not need both power sources. :slight_smile:

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@Caitlyn_Ring thank you for your reply. I’m a bit confused…can you give instructions how to set up a second plan (different property with different wifi) on my Ring account?
(to explain, i now have my two Ring cameras set up at my home. I now need to put a camera in my dad’s home which is far away and on different wifi)

Hi @Keeks. I am happy to chime in. Once you set up a second location with a Ring device, you will be able to subscribe that location to a plan on after logging into your account. After selecting your second location on your account, follow the steps mentioned on this Help Center page.

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