Do hardwired Ring light devices follow the Z-Wave protocol and create a mesh network


According to the Z-Wave protocol plugged in devices should act as “extenders” or nodes in the Z-wave mesh: “When setting up a Z-Wave mesh network, the devices that act as extenders or “nodes” of the mesh are only those that plug into a wall”. Ring’s explanation page of the protocol:

Is this true for the Ring Outdoor Smart Plug? Does it act as an extender

The reason I am asking is because I have a Smart Lighting Transformer which can only be located pretty far from the house. I do have an outdoor electric outlet between the house and the transformer’s location and I want to boost the signal to it. I also want to locate a few outdoor motion sensors for turning on lights but they are out of range.
Currently the transformer is connected to an Echo (gen 4) which acts as a lighting bridge. But Echos or lighting bridges are only rated for indoor usage and can’t be placed in the desired outdoor locations.

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Hi @Mishael40. There is not a way to extend the range of Ring Smart Lighting. The Range Extender (Z-Wave) is only for the Ring Alarm system. The key to getting to most Range from your Ring Bridge, or Echo Dot, would be to place it in and open area, away from any other electronic devices. I hope this helps.