Do Certified Refurbished devices purchased from Amazon have warranty?

If I purchase a Certified Refurbished device from Amazon (shipped/sold by Amazon, not a third-party seller), is that device covered by the standard Ring warranty? The Amazon page for the product says yes, and the Warranty page here on Ring’s site says yes. But Ring phone support (both the initial rep, and a supervisor) unambiguously insisted NO, the only way a refurbished camera will have a warranty from Ring is if it was purchased directly from, and that Certified Refurbished cameras bought from Amazon have warranty no coverage.

Is that correct information, or not? I’m just going to return the malfunctioning camera to Amazon, but because I have several more of these cameras, I’d like to get clarification on this, and if it is indeed erroneous, get it straightened out on Ring’s end in case I have a need for warranty service in the future.

Hi @MichaelC. Amazon is one of our authorized retailers for Ring products. Therefore, I can confirm that if you purchase a Certified Refurbished Ring device from Amazon, it is covered under our 1-year warranty policy. As you mentioned before, this is stated in our warranty page.

Thanks, @Justin_Ring. Do you have a suggestion as to who I could contact to get the warranty records for my cameras updated? Calling the Ring support line was a brick wall… they would not offer warranty service on a malfunctioning camera, and the best they could offer me was a discount on a new one.

To me, it sounded like the fact that these cameras had gone through the refurbishing process and were being sold as such was not entered into the system, so as far as Ring was concerned, these were cameras that were bought a few years ago (by the original purchaser, when new), and the warranties had long since expired.

Hi @MichaelC. There is not one specific person I can suggest you talk to. I suggest you contact our support team and ask to speak to a level 2 supervisor. That way they can dive into this concern and ensure that you are taken care of. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.