Do amazon echo show auto load the live view when someone ring the bell?


I am planning to buy ring door bell 3 with amazon echo show 5. I live with elderly parentgs who do not have access to mobile all the time. It is very important for them to see the person/video before answering the bell. I want to know if Amazon echo show will display live view automatically when someone rings the bell or will I have to give explicit command to Echo to dispaly the video?


Hi @Apurva. Yes, you can set it up so that the Echo Show will automatically pull up the Doorbell’s Live View whenever the button is pressed. I’d recommend taking a look at our Help Center Articles on Alexa integration here, as it’s a great resource to find information on how our devices work with Alexa. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Caitlyn_ring,

I have connected my Echo Show 5 to the new ring doorbell. When someone press the doorbell, Alexa anounces “that someone is at the doorbell” however it does not show the live view. I have to explicitly ask “Alexa show the doorbell”. Is there a configuration I have missed? Is Alexa automatically showing live view feature not yet available in Australia?

Did you rename your Echo Show at some point? Sounds like the same issue: