Distorted audio speaker too loud

I installed a Ring Pro hardwired doorbell. The speaker on the doorbell made the person talking on their phone sound very muffled and distorted, like a speaker turned up too loud. Well after 2 tech support calls the volume to the speaker on the Ring Pro was turned down from the default setting of 11 to a level 7 and now I understand exactly what is being said. Thanks Tech support guy!!!

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This is something that Ring Tech support must do in their end. This CANNOT be done through the Ring App

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Spoke to tech support and they claimed the speaker volume canned be changed by them they said they even spoke to advance technical support and there is no way to adjust the default speaker volume. Can you please provide any other details so I can relay them the information so I can get this adjusted as well. Thank you ?

Just an update I just got off the phone with tech support after spending an hour and 30 minutes on the phone and they were still not able to resolve the issue. The second tech support person I spoke to also said there is no way to adjust just the speaker volume on the ring device. Bummer