distance from bridge for pathway lights

What is the distance the pathway lights can be from the bridge to work as smart lighting and with alexa and such?

The distance usually depends on your wifi network and the thickness of the walls and other obstacles in your house. It cannot be said exactly, but the range is probably 10-20m. You can extend your range. See here how.

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My Ring Bridge connects to a Ring Solar Light about 37 yards away. The Bridge is in the window. About 15 yards away is a Ring Solar Flood Camera. IDK if the Solar Camera extends the range…via Sidewalk network? I wish Ring would let us know the range of the Bridge…and if the range is extended by the Sidewalk network.

I want to buy another Solar Light, but the location is 90 degrees from the Bridge and home . There is a Solar Flood Camera that I reach with a wifi extender about 30 yards from home (45 from Bridge). I want to go another 20 yards beyond that camera. I guess I will try removing and testing my existing light before buying another.

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