Discrete dome cam


Ring needs to offer a discete dome cam.

Commercial, luxury homes, and anyone who doesn’t want a bulky cam would then install your products.

A Ring dome cam would open-up a whole new market and would put Ring steps ahead of Arlo and Nest and would put themselves on par with Axis, Ubiquiti, and others.



Ubiquiti G4 Dome

Ring could do this simply, quickly, and less expensively by:

  1. A software video rotate adjustment (flipping the image upside down).

  2. A possible software video adjustment to the image to account for glare.

  3. Mounting the Stick Up Cam Elite upside down and placing it into a discrete dome housing made specifically for the Stick Up Cam Elite. See this example of a discrete housing.

A discrete dome camera looks better and provides better security and weather proofness.



Because of the positioning of my camera, and I have no choice but to locate it there to capture the area I want, the image is upside down or sideways on some.

The ability to rotate an image for set cameras would be great ! Definitely something I need…
Please RING… this would be a great feature… !