Discrepency in the plan option


Long story short, I have two ring doorbell/cameras in my newly purchased home. I signed up for Ring Basic when I had just one (left by the previous owner) and I purchased a second one for my back door. I was trying to add it to the app since it states “Get started with a camera or two” (see screenshot) however it seems like this was changed at some point to only cover one device … ? Is there any plan between $3/mth and $10/mth to cover just two doorbells and not an entire Ring Alarm system with all the fixin’s?

Hey there, @seawolf_il! It looks like you are setting this up correctly. The Protect Basic Plan is designed to cover one device and is applied per device. The Protect Plus Plan covers unlimited devices at one location, as well as provides various additional benefits and features for your “Ring of Security”. These are the only subscription plans to choose from. Although the Protect Plus Plan might seem to offer more than two Doorbells would need, this plan is beneficial for any household due to its additional features.

Check out our help center article for information on both Plans, what they include, and how to subscribe. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

That’s a bit disappointing, as you can see in my screenshot the App says I could add a second camera to my plan already (at least used to, I guess) . You should update the app wording so future users aren’t as disappointed as I am.

Two of the 4 features on the Protect Plus plan are related to the security system. The only ones I could use are the 10% off future devices (if I even purchased any), and an extended warranty on my devices. One camera I inherited by the previous owner and probably isnt covered now. So that’s one camera I get an extended warranty on for +$70/year difference. I can buy a new camera for $100 meaning it isn’t really worth it over more than one year…

I find it silly I could essentially open a second Ring Protect Basic account for my second camera and pay $60/year to have the video coverage benefits you are now asking $100/yr for. But I guess it’s either that or pay for benefits I won’t receive at this point…