Discount for UK Military, veterans and first responders

So on the Ring site, it advertises there is a 20% discount for Military, veterans and first responders.
From the link, I was able to upload my service details, have them confirmed and then recive a discount code.
I tried numerous times to get the discount to work, and subsequently discovered that the discount is ONLY for the US.

I find it a great shame and disrespectful that other nations that you sell your products to are not included in your discount scheme.

I could fully understand if the products were not sold to us, but they are.

Most recently the UK military and other nations have assisted the US in their intervention in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan and have lost people doing so in the process. It’s a kind of thanks but no thanks really! Or that our assistance wasn’t worthy.

It would be nice if Ring offered mutual respect for it’s allies.

I’m a former Royal Marine and they wouldn’t let me into the Buffalo Soldiers museum in Arizona as I wasn’t American. I said the same as you, “I thought we were on the same side.”

First, thank you for your service. To take advantage of this discount that we offer for our UK neighbors, you’ll need to log into the Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service website, then navigate to the Ring offers page. From there, click “Redeem Discount” to generate a promotion code. The website should then direct you to our fulfillment website to place the order and receive the discount. You can learn more about this process and the terms in our Help Center article here. If you have any issues during this process, you can contact the fulfillment warehouse directly at +441189 126000 or email

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