Disconnected from bridge at night

I’ve been having issues since I’ve installed the smart lighting spotlight battery 2 days ago. Everything is connected and working all day and then at night the spotlight goes offline. I’ve Uninstalled and reinstalled the light on the ring app and the same issue for 2 days straight. It goes off during the day even with the sun switch turned in to no go off. The bride has good signal and the light no longer does. Is this a common issue even though the bridge is by the window directly under the light. If I don’t get this resolved I will be returning it.

Sorry to hear about this, @wagman00! Are both Spotlights falling offline or just one? As a test, try bringing both Spotlights inside and near the bridge, to see if they remain on overnight. Feel free to update us on results! :slight_smile:

I have 1 spotlight and it goes offline at night. It went offline 5 min after I reinstalled yesterday morning. The bridge is in a window directly under the light. I had the light set to not detect motion until 6pm but detected motion all day with cars going by in the street 30 ft away. I will be returning this and installing a camera instead since I don’t have issues with those.