Disconect my Chime Pro from my Account

Hi after some advice. I’ve just sold my Chime Pro wi-FI extender indoor chime!
And the new owners have asked me to disconnect my the chime pro from my account but it’s not showing on my account!
Because he’s saying he can’t connect it to his wi-FI !
Anyone else had this situation or any advice how to get round this issue?
Would appreciate any suggestions or advice


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Hi there, @Alshamal! when viewing your Ring app while logged into your account, you should see your devices and locations that have not been removed. You might see the Chime in an offline state by opening the Ring app Menu > selecting Devices > and looking for the Chime Pro there. Remember to check your locations in the menu to ensure it is not showing under a different address. If you are able to find it, visit the Chime Pro page > tap Device Settings tile > select General Settings and remove the device from there.

Learn more about the change of ownership process here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I can’t find the chime pro in the app i just have the standard chime not the wi-FI extender! I stopped using some time ago!

Here’s screen shot!

If you had it downstairs click on it, then go to general settings and then remove Device.

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That’s not the chime pro where talking about! I just showed with the screen shot what i can see on my app !!

Hi @Alshamal. Try checking to see you have inadvertently put your Chime Pro on a different Location. This Help Center article here will show you how to manage your Locations.