Disarm mode reminder

Hello - recently enabled the Modes feature…which is a great new addition!

Please can you consider adding a feature to remind a user to unset the “disarm” mode if it’s been active for a certain time…this will make sure that Disarm is not left on by mistake. Be great if the remind option was user configurable…disarm for 1/2/4 hours, etc.

Thanks, Nick

This is a great idea. This was the reason I came to the community to suggest this option. When working outside (spring cleanup) I disarm the 4 outdoor cameras so I don’t constantly trigger the alarms. Twice in the past 3 weeks, I forgot to rearm them. I think a disarm, with snooze (like we for motion snooze on individual cameras) would be great. Or, evan a global snooze where all cameras won’t repsond to motion for 1, 2, or 4 hours.

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Just the idea I came on to post. I have camera’s all round my house and I use the disarm option to stop motion recording on the garden camera when we’re outside to save battery.

However there have been several times I’ve gone to bed and it’s just been left on disarm because I forgot to set it to home again.

I would like to see what you suggested to disarm for a set period of time or a hard coded option to change mode automatically at a set time e.g 10pm

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Yes we need this I had this on my old system from adt

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I agree, I often go to bed and forget to turn off the disarm mode. The problem is I only use disarm mode because RING hasn’t figured out how to have one button on the ring app that snoozes alerts on both my phone and ALEXA devises. When I hit snooze on the ring app, my ALEXA’s continue to announce motion. I don’t care if it records me outside all the time, in fact I’d prefer it to always be recording, I just want to easily be able to snooze alerts on EVERYTHING with one simple button on the ring app. This will also solve the issue of leaving it in disarm mode because I won’t need to disarm anything, just snooze it. Having said that, it would still be nice to have a reminder to rearm RING devices so you know you are safe at night. Thank you!

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There definitely needs the option to arm and disarm completely on a schedule. Scheduling on the cameras only allows for notification scheduling and not completely ON/OFF like ARM/DISARM scheduling. This is something so basic in my opinion, it should have been an inherent feature, and not an enhancement. Ring, please make this happen. Thanks