Disactivating movement sensors and pets

Hello community!

I am evaluating to buy ring system and I have 2 major questions.

  1. Is it possible to disactivate movement sensors only, keeping doors alarm active when we are inside?

  2. Is the presence of a pet excluding the possibility to use movement sensors? I guess so but please confirm

Many thanks

Hi @user74792. Based on your questions, I’m guessing you’re asking about the Ring Alarm Security system, as it has Contact Sensors for doors and windows and Motion Detectors for rooms. You can use Modes to control your Ring Alarm system. There is a Disarmed, Home, and Away Mode.

By default, the Home Mode will arm Contact Sensors while not arming your Motion Detectors, so your perimeter is secured but you are able to walk around inside your home without setting off the alarm. The Away Mode will arm all Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors. However, you can customize your Modes settings to choose which sensors are armed in each Mode.

Lastly, we have some information on using Ring Alarm Motion Detectors with pets here. If you buy the Ring Alarm system, I’d recommend testing out the placement and settings on your Motion Detectors to see what works best with your pets. Larger or more active animals are more prone to triggering the Motion Detectors. Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: