Disabling Ring Spotlight notifications on Echo Dot

Is there a way to disable Ring notification on one device and still be able to use announcements & drop-ins?

My Ring notifications go off numerous times every night (which is fine for the other devices) but I don’t want it to wake my child, I would like to disable only the Echo Dot in her room but still be able to make announcements and drop in on the device. Is this possible?

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Hi @redvette - great question! You are able to turn off motion announcements for the Ring devices in the Alexa app and then in the Alexa app create a Routine to announce on the Echo Dot when there is motion for the Ring device(s). One routine is required per Ring device. Hope this helps!

Specifically how? I’d like to pause notifications for a few minutes when I know my dogs are outside - too many false positives. I’ve had the Ring system only a few days and I’m already ignoring it.