Disabling Audio function

I see that audio can be disabled on the Privacy Settings, does anyone know when this was introduced in the UK?

Many thanks.

Hey there, @Florence. These privacy options were introduced to our Ring devices this year. Those privacy options are:

  • Motion Recording Toggle - allows users to pause motion-activated video recording.
  • Audio Toggle - allows users to turn off audio recording on their recorded videos.
  • Modes - allows users to customize how their camera operates using three different modes (home, disarmed, away)
  • Privacy Zones - allows users to black out certain zones that they do not want to record.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Many thanks. Would you also know the month the feature was rolled out, and whether audio can be disabled for the individual cameras, including the doorbell camera or is it a blanket disabling for all cameras, ?

Which month this year was the function introduced?

Hi @Florence. These features started to roll out around April. They were slowly released over the next few months until it was available to all users. There is not a way to to when you specifically might have had this feature introduced.