Disable white LED ring on hardwired doorbell

I’m having a lot of people press my doorbell late at night. I think this is related to the big glowing white ring when my 2nd Gen doorbell is hard wired. Need the ability to turn this off.

Having same problem with white ring light on all the time.I dont think it can be turned off anywhere in setting.If i find one i will let you know.

Yep, just installed my Wired doorbell… will have to switch it off at night based on last nights number of prank pressing. Making it fundamentally useless if I have to turn it off at night. PLEASE give us the OPTION of turning it off.

Could we get an option to disable the solid white light on the ring wired doorbell.
I’m talking about the Wired doorbell.
I know the battery operated ones have a white light to show errors, but the wired door bell has this on in normal mode.

Please give us the option to turn it off to save electricity and to not attract attention.
At today’s pricing it costs us around £30 a year for a white light we don’t want or need.

I don’t want this light on neither!
Considering returning due to that

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Me too, the light is a beacon for passerby’s. I get idiots that see the light and make a beeline for it…one this morning at 6am for god’s sake, let us disable the light!!!

Agreed. After 1 night of it being installed… so many prank presses. PLease, let us turn it off.

Please add this feature. I live on a main road with foot traffic and dont need a glowing beacon for drunks.

Is there an option or could we have the option on the next update to turn off the white LED on the door bell. I understand it’s there for easy identification. However, houses that have sensor lights already which come on and illuminate the space may not need/want this led on. Please can we turn it off. Hopefully more people agree with this.

Hi, the white light on the door bell when its hardwired if causing too much attention to the door bell. It makes people think in buildings that it is constantly recording and acting as a constant cctv.

As well it Attracts attention from people who would like to steel a £100 device just because its there and shining to them…

Please update in the firmware the ability to disable the lights from the ring, especially the white light, as when its on Bat mode its not on… so what is the point of being on when hardwired.

Thank you.

Agreed, same problem here. Drunks during the night, kids going home after school in the evening, all push the button. I consider it a design flaw that it is not possible to disable the glowing white light on the wired doorbell. Please create a firware update to enable switching this off.

Just been setting this up to see how things work, had I known for a second it would be a Belisha Beacon constantly. Without the option to turn off this white light.

I think I would have just gone for a wireless one.

Please for the love of sanity and not attracting wierdo’s with rather nasty spots on their bots, or Bart Simpson eating his shorts.

Can we please have an option to switch this light off. I honestly can’t believe its not been implemented yet. Having just joined to see the answer to this question 1.5 years and still no progress.

Sigh :crazy_face:

Please let us switch the light off. I live on a busy street and it’s attracting a lot of random presses.

Same ask. It would be nice to be able to turn off the normal white light

It would be nice to be able to turn off the blue ring in door view camera.

I also don’t see any reason to have a light being on all the time.
Especially at night, i don’t want to bother any of my neighbors with a lid ring of light.

Please allow us to switch it off.

A few years on and this still is not an option. The white lights are like a magnet to the kids walking past.

It’s fun to to post the videos of people coming up to say WTF and see what it is. It’s the eye of Sauron, if it was red.

Please add this feature, it is really key

Quickest fix I found was to spray paint inside the face plate black