Disable sound alert when switching between Modes?

Hi, how do I disable the annoying sound alert when I switch between Modes? Thanks!

Hi @Veghs5. To disable the alerts you get when you are switching Modes, follow these steps in the Ring app. Tap Menu > Settings > Alarm Alerts > Push, then toggle off what alerts you don’t want and tap Save. I hope this helps!

Thank you, @Tom_Ring! Unfortunately, I don’t have the Alarm Alerts option under Settings because I don’t have a Ring Alarm (only a bunch of cameras and lights).

Hi there, @Veghs5! When using the Modes feature with just your Camera enabled devices, and without an Alarm present, there should not be a sound from switching between modes… Are you looking to disable alerts for certain events in each Mode, or are you hearing/ receiving a Mode change alert each time?

Hi @Marley_Ring, well, there is. It is a Mode Change Alert sound that is annoying. The only way I can turn it off if I turn off the Sound Notification for the entire app which I obviously don’t want to do. I took a 4-second video clip to demonstrate - any way to upload it or send it?

Thanks for getting back to me, @Veghs5. A video clip example would be a great, to ensure I recommend the correct setting to alter. When replying to this thread, you should see a panel of options above the reply window. An icon with an upwards arrow will allow you to upload a file attachment, in which mp4 is a supported file type.


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This is an excellent example, thank you for sending this over. It looks like I was mistaken in my original response. Sorry about that, neighbor! After taking a further look at the comparable in app capabilities with this feature, I see there is not a toggle for this. The push notifications being received in your video are only controllable via Alarm Modes settings. When using only Camera devices with modes, this option is not available, at this time.

This thread has been shared with our teams here, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our neighbor experience. Feel free to also add this in our Feature Request Board. Thank you again for sharing this experience, and for being a great Community neighbor! :slight_smile:

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