Disable "Someone is at the front door" announcement

How can I maintain the live view on my Alexa devices, retain the doorbell ring, but also disable the annoying voice which says, “Someone is at the front door.” ?

I don’t need Alexa telling me…because that’s what a doorbell ring has implied for well over a hundred years!

Hi @SJB333. Just to clarify, you are trying to disable Alexa devices from giving audible alerts when someone rings your Doorbell, correct? You would only like to have Alexa show you a Live View when you tell it to? Which doorbell ring do you want to retain: the one that comes from your phone, the pre-existing chime, or the Ring chime? I want to make sure I gather the correct steps for you for what you are trying to accomplish if it is doable.

Hi Justin, thanks for getting back to me. To confirm, I would like to have the option to easily choose (a) the doorbell sound AND whether it sounds (b) To select whether Live View displays or not and (c) if I want Alexa devices to announce anything verbally. As it stands, infuriatingly, the default is that they are lumped in together. If you want to have Live view, you have to have the annoying and overly intrusive Alexa voice telling you someone is at the front door, when, as I said, a simple chime of some sort is sufficient, unintrusive and to that extent, historically precedented generally with doorbells. If I disable the verbal announcement, then I lose live view, which is undesirable.