Disable Push Notifications When Arming/Disarming

Please provide the option to disable push notifications when arming and disarming the Ring Alarm system. I see this action as common and frequent and do not need to be notified every time it happens (saving push notifications for emergencies). Others may disagree which is why the option to enable or disable the push would be best. Please consider this feature.


I would also like this feature, as I do not need to be disturbed if my partner leaves the house whilst I’m not home, or have to clear a notification when I arm this myself


Please add this. I live alone and no one else in the household. I don’t need a piush notification showing I armed or disarmed the system.


I will echo this one. I don’t need a notification telling me that i just did the thing that i just did… I know… cuz I just did it. These notifications need to be an optional feature. This is very frustrating.

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I also came here to request this. It’s annoying having to clear the alerts every time we leave and come home from work and everywhere else.

Yes! This is a huge defect in design.

Why should my wife get awakened when I get up earlier than her and I change the alarm state??

Please fix this ASAP!

I changed the Push notifications for arming/disarming to be sent via email instead of SMS. On my phone I don’t have email notifications popup.
I found that if I tried to turn off the notifications completely it would still send them via SMS.
It’s a work around until they fix their bug.

I’m a noob, and came here looking for this solution too.

It’s now 10 months after the original post.

I think I found a way to do this. Settings > Alert Alerts > Push. Then turn off Mode Updates.

This seems to have elimated iPhone push notifications when I arm and disarm the alarm.

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@TedFine @sblakesutton

I found the fix in Settings > Alarm Alerts > Push. I toggled off Mode Updates. Hoping it sticks!