Disable Other Listeners While Testing Smoke+ CO Listener

When setting up or testing a Ring smoke detector/CO listener, the app advises to take the batteries out of the other listeners when there are multiple in the home and there is professional monitoring.

I think it would be much better if the app could just disable or ignore the other listeners while one is being tested (and then automatically re-enable them all). This would have the same effect without making the user move to every listener and go up and down a ladder to remove and re-insert batteries.

Also for this forum, there is no tag for the Smoke Detector/CO Listener; please add one.

I’m in an endless loop. I installed and tested the first listener, but then to test the second listener, I removed the batteries from the first. The first listener is now tagged as tampered, so it won’t function without me re-testing it. But, to retest it, I have to remove the battery from the second listener so that it won’t tell Ring that my house is on fire. Which means the second listener will be tagged as tampered, and I’ll have to start all over. Maybe I leave the battery in #2 and have my kid walk it down the block so it is off network while I test #1? Seriously, why can’t we just use the app to temporarily disable any device in the system while we’re testing them?