Disable notifications but still record/trigger motion on cameras

Is it possible to get a toggle on each camera for notifications and keep the motion/recording toggle separate ?

This would be a nice feature for the times when motion snooze doesn’t cut it.

Also good for those times you want to still record but disable notifications on separate cameras.

Should also be available in selectable toggles for modes.

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Looks like this feature gets enabled when you install both the ring app and the rapid ring app. But you cannot control notification settings in “modes” still.

This would be a useful option. Would be nice to set the “Home” mode to record motion but not notify.

Hi, does anyone know if this has been added or is there still no way of disabling notifications but still allowing record when motion is detected?

The scenario is for when we are at home but for 3 out of 5 cameras I don’t want to be notified of any motion detection, but recording the motion would be useful in the event you realise later on that something untoward has happened.

Appreciate any tips anybody has.


Are there any solutions to this issue?

i just got done talking to tech, they said you can go in and turn off motion alerts in the device settings, the only issue I see with that is when you go to activate “away” mode you have to go back into each and every device and turn them back on. they should have it where when you are in “home” mode that it will auto-disable motion alerts and when you go into “away” mode it enables them back into motion notifications. how can we get this suggestion in front of someone who is in charge of development?