Disable motion triggering of all lights

How can I disable motion light trigger for all lights at once? I have 8 lights and when it gets windy here they keep getting triggered all night long. It pretty much drains the battery at a rapid pace!! There must be a way to do this in a one place? I don’t talk about motion notifications, but about actual turning on of lights in a group when motion is detected. I have 4 groups right now need to open settings of each group and disable motion for each light , a process extremely painful, because I need to repeat it the next morning when the wind is no longer a factor… HELP

Hi @Ace1. Have you tried using a Light Schedule? This feature allows you to easily turn lights on or off during a specific time. Once your schedule is set up, you can turn it on when it’s windy, and off when it is calm. This Help Center article here has information on how to use this feature. I hope this works for you.