Disable Motion detection and alerts for Owner

I just installed Ring Doorbell 3 and am loving it and appreciate how easy it was to install and use. Everything is working, but I get notifications when I (the owner) am at the front door! It seems to me, with location-aware devices (my phone in my pocket knows that I am coming home), Ring should have a setting that allows me to suppress motion alerts when it knows that I am at the door. I don’t need to be reminded of that!!
Also, I’m surprised that there is no email support: only voice or chat. I sometimes like to write my issue/request (hence this post) but would like to direct it to their customer support staff.

Can there be more granularity on snoozing alerts, it would be very helpful if the Ring doorbell could be configured to ignore motion caused by the account holder(s) carrying their registered phone so that it is not constantly going off very time you go in and out.