Disable Live View auto-recording feature


Please implement the feature of Enable/Disable Live View recording on DoorBells. This should be treated separately then auto-recording when ringbell is pressed or when motion detection is triggered.

Ideally, when the customer is pressing the Live View button, leave him/her the option to record or not that specific Live View, exactly how is happening on most security systems (AXIS, Dahua, Hikvision etc.).

Some customers, like myself, would love to use the Live View feature of a doorbell as it is, without automatically recording the Live View stream, unless we really want that.

Thank you!

L.E.: Disabling Live View auto-recording will increase battery life (less Wi-Fi traffic) and decrease the lag when accessing the Live View for view-only. Adding a small “Recording” button one the Live View screen will let the customer decide if the stream needs to be recorded or not.