Disable captcha puzzles with 2-factor enabled

If we have 2FA enabled on a Ring account, you already KNOW that we’re human because we’ve had to open a completely separate app, copy the 2FA code and paste or type it into the 2FA field. Please, disable (or disable via preference) captcha puzzles when 2 Factor Authentication is enabled.

There is absolutely zero chance that a robot could mimic username + password + looking up and entering a 2FA code. This activity right here PROVES the person is human… making captcha puzzles pointlessly redundant and time consuming, all with ZERO benefits to anyone.

Additionally, if we’re logging into the Ring APP via an iOS based device, it’s guaranteed the person is human. AFAIK, it is impossible for a robot to take control over an iPad or iPhone and type this data into these fields. iOS apps on Apple mobile devices should automatically be excluded from captchas by the nature of what those devices are.

This is ridiculous, I had to go thru this today. Unless this is removed, I will never buy another Ring device (and I have four of them at various locations). Life is too short to put up with a crappy process like this.

In fact, the more I think about it, if it’s not removed for those of us who use 2FA, I will simply not renew when it comes up next, and buy something else. It’s not the money I’ve spent, it’s the PITA factor.