Disable camera when disabling alarms, and enable with armed

I have an indoor stick up cam. I didn’t want it active when I am home as it was constantly alerting me to motion and recording us at home. How can I get to automatically turn on when the alarm is active (I have the full alarm), but have it disabled when home without manually changing settings every time we come home and leave.

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Hey @Doby ! This is actually a popular feature request, “to toggle Cam motion settings or recordings based on Alarm mode”. It is something we’ve shared with the team and they are looking to deliver to our neighbors in the near future. For now, motion scheduling might be a useful setting here or even the global snooze option, which would snooze all devices when you are not wanting to be notified.

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, feel free to check out our announcements page for updates on upcoming features like this :slight_smile:

This would be a REALLY GOOD feature, if you would please work on that. Like this customer, I do not want constant motion alerts while I am at home. Uses up battery on my cameras and it is annoying. I JUST want motion enabled when the system is in the Away mode. Or better yet, only when an alarm event has been triggered.

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@cajunbiker Then you will definitely find interest in our upcoming Modes feature! This feature will allow you to control all of your Ring devices at once based on 3 customizable modes. Check out our Community post about Modes to learn more :slight_smile:


Quando siamo in casa in modalità disinserito quando c’è buio si accende la luce.

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