Disable and enable motion notifications using ”Modes”

Please make it possible to choose to toggle motion notifications from cameras in the different modes.
I believe all your users would like to disable and reenable these features with the press of one “mode button”.

When home I still might want the cameras to record whats happening around the house but I do not want to constantly be disturbed by chime noise or have to re-snooze the system every 4hrs (which requires at least 3 clicks every time).

When away from home I just want to press the Away mode button and instantly get back to receiving motion notifications again.

Please add a toggle switch for motion notifications in “modes”, why this isn’t an option already is mind boggling…

+1 here. This separates Wyze from Ring, being the former much better.

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+1 for me also. I have both wired and battery cameras and annoyingly, the lights only come on at night when motion is detected in disarm mode on the wired camera so I have to use schedules instead.

Schedule functionality is missing with Modes. Motion detection should be able to be turned on, but alerts suppressed.


+1 for this feature.

Please add an option to enable/disable motion alerts (separate from motion recording) for each mode.

I want motion recorded but motion alerts suppressed while in mode disarmed.

I want motion recorded and motion alerts enabled in modes home and armed.



+1 for this!

Motion detection and Motion notification should be able to set separately in each mode.

In my case, I want to have my cameras record most of the time but i do not want to get the notifications all the time unless it’s ‘Away’ mode.

Each camera setting already has motion notification and motion detection separated. I wonder why it’s not separated in Modes.


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It’s frustrating this is not a “set and forget” type function. The selected Mode should determine notification settings independent of motion detection. This is very useful in high traffic areas when home during the day.

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+1 For me as well. When I am home I want People Mode on but want it off when away so i can receive ALL motion alerts.

This! I want my cameras recording so if something happens I can look back but I don’t need to know every time my runs past