Disability Features?

We purchased a wireless Ring Video Doorbell for my dad because he is disabled, and this allows him to see who is at his front door via Alexa Echo. However, in order to talk to the person, he has to push a button on the Alexa Echo screen, which he is not able to do, as he is essentially a quadriplegic. Is anyone aware of a way to have it automatically allow you to talk through the doorbell or override this setting on Alexa Echo? It seems like Ring and/or Alexa would have some disability features… suggestions?

Glad you asked, @sasc10! We have a solution just for this. Once your Ring and Alexa devices are paired and working together, announcements and Alexa commands will allow for effortless interaction with an event. Our help center article about Ring working with Alexa contains a video and tips for taking full advantage of these options. Using voice commands will be much better than pushing the button.

Also, I recommend looking into our Alexa Greetings and Quick Replies Community Post, just in case these options might be able to further optimize yours and dad’s experience. :slight_smile: