Direct Current & Alternating Current (Plug-In Adapter 2nd Gen.)

About Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen).
The following is a description of this product.
Power Output 24VDC, 0.5A 12.0W
Is the power output for this product Alternating Current or Direct Current?
However, this is printed on the back of ring video doorbell pro.
Only connected terminals to wiring from a doorbell with a voltage of 16 VAC-24VAC.
Why 24VDC to 16 VAC-24VAC?
I’m not very good at English.

I have the same question. The new Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen) ( ) says that the Power Output is 24V DC, 0.5A, 12.0W.

However the Ring Video Doorbell Pro says it requires between 16V-24V AC.

Will the new second gen adapter which has DC power work fine with the Ring Pro which requires AC power?

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The Ring Video Doorbell Pro says it requires 16V-24 V AC , but this new Adapter provides output of 24V DC. Will DC work when the Ring Pro devices requires AC?

Is this safe?

Glad you asked, neighbors! Great observation of the DC power rating. Normally, we do indeed advise against DC power for the Doorbell Pro, as it requires AC. In the case of the Plug-in Adapter (2nd gen), the Doorbell Pro certainly will work with this power supply. This Plug-in Adapter is the only current exception to the Doorbell Pro’s power requirements, and hardwired in any other method should use AC power. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you, manager. I understand. I was relieved. :wink:

Hi Marley_Ring are you advising that it is ok to disregard the bright orange warning sticker on the back of my Ring Pro that says to only connect it to AC power?

I don’t want to cause an issue to my device nor any fire saftey issues by connecting the device to DC power when the warning label says to use AC only… (Keep in mind the new Plug in Adapter is DC power now instead of AC power.)

Why would Ring put that warning sticker on the Ring Pro if it indeed can accept DC power?

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That is correct, @gt5. In the case of using the Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen), this is the only time in which DC output would be acceptable for powering the Doorbell Pro. This and more can be seen in our Plug In Adapter (2nd gen) help center article. When using any other power source for the Doorbell Pro, it must then only be an AC power supply.


FYI Gen 2 plug is much thinner, lighter, and smaller than Gen 1, big upgrade.

However the wire is much shorter, so if you need to wire this to an outlet that is further away, becareful.

Gen 2 is 10 feet

Gen 1 is 20 feet

I wish Ring kept it at 20 feet as it was too short for my application.

I find this very confusing. I am a well educated person with experience of 50+ years dealing with AC/DC devices. Short of thinking this is just arbitrary I would like to know why using a 24vdc 12 watt power supply is okay to connect, but other DC power supplies aren’t okay. There is very little documentation to make an informed decision. My comments aren’t arbitrary either, some of us have DC electronic doorbell systems we are tring to add the Ring to. In my case, I have a whole house intercom system that the old door station is being replaced with a 2020 2nd gen Ring. The button you press to ring throughout the house is DC and very low current. There is no easy way to wire a plug in adapter to it. So, what is the permitted type, voltages, and current allowed to be connected to the 2 screws on the back of the Ring? PS-The solar charger puts out 5.2vdc and a half watt. That’s okay.

@OldGunny When wiring your Doorbell to an existing doorbell circuit to continuously charge the battery, the transformer must be 8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz. It is not compatible with DC power outside of the Plug-In Adapter as previously mentioned. You can view a list of compatible chime kits in our Help Center Article here as well, since intercom systems are not compatible. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: